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When it's time for a change of career scenery

You have concerns about your current agency.

If you are concerned or uncomfortable, you probably have an immediate need to find a new home for your real estate business and clients. Maybe your company support is uneven or leadership is stalled or non-existent, or you are just not comfortable with the direction of the company. Or maybe it’s not even them -- maybe you just plain need a change to get jump-started for 2017.

These are all valid reasons to be ‘on the market’.

DANGER: Be careful. Your immediate need has to be tempered by a reasoned approach to finding a new 'home'! You need to take the appropriate amount of time to evaluate your options. You need to make a move that you will not regret later for having not investigated deeply enough.

However, you cannot wait too long. The longer you remain in a bad situation, the longer it will take to get your business back up to speed.

ADVICE: Decide what matters most to you. Maybe you need a quality office environment, or a good coach, or marketing support. Maybe you need help with relocation business or technology support.

Next consider company size. Does big offer what you need? Is smaller better for you? Evaluate a couple of examples of the most prevalent options.

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Interview the companies carefully for compatibility. In this scenario you are probably more sensitive to cultural factors such as confidence and trust in the office admins and manager. You should look carefully at their expectations of your production. Focus your investigation on how that company deals with transitioning your business.

  • I would like to interview your lead office administrator, may I have 15 minutes with her/him?
  • How would you help me move my current listings and buyer clients to your firm?
  • Who can I call or text to get help setting up my technology with yours?
  • Who will provide me with important announcement graphics for social media?

AT THE MASIELLO GROUP, we will provide you with a written plan to get you where you want to be. We know that moving is hard, but giving quality, caring support is easy. We do it all the time!

The following video, The Masiello Group's President and CEO Chris Masiello discusses the supportive company culture which resonates from the leadership team through to each office in our firm.

To learn more about The Masiello Group's Quality Career Experience, in complete confidence with absolutely no commitment or expectations, please contact me today.

Ed Ridolfi

Vice President of Career Development

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group

Cell: 978-771-6537


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