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What is the number one tool to stay

Your database! It’s where you will make your money. Whether you are new to the business or a 20-year pro, your business relies on the people you know and the people who know you - That’s your database. Do you have one? Can you access it quickly and easily? How do you use it?

We all enjoy people and love showing homes, but let’s face it, life is not an HGTV episode. At the end of the day, we all need to pay the bills, reinvest in our businesses, support our families and have enough to enjoy life.

Listing & selling without a well-organized database and CRM systems is like using cash to light a fire; it’s wasteful and inefficient.

In your database of past clients, friends, and friends of friends there is one shared trait: these people like & trust you. They believe in you and they want you to be successful. You have established with them that you are the real estate expert. Try that on for a minute. It feels good, right? Go with it! It’s okay to ask them if they know anyone who may be buying or selling and in need of an expert to help them. P.S. that’s you!

We have also established you have a database and a CRM. Ours is called TMGConnect.

What do you do with it?

I am so glad you asked! You, my friend, are going to reach out and maintain the relationships you have already established over the years. Say Hello. Check in on the family. Offer valuable market information. Be their trusted real estate professional. Someone you know is looking to sell or knows someone that is looking to sell. It is your responsibility to be top of mind. Are they subscribed to My Customer For Life?

If you don’t have a customizable, automatic & systematic newsletter program, we need to talk!

Remember: it’s not their responsibility to call you when they need real estate help. The responsibility is yours to develop and to maintain the kind of engaged relationship they will find so valuable that they reach out. If an acquaintance buys or sells with anyone else that’s on you.

There is so much real estate business going on, and so many people competing for that business, that you need an advantage. Guess what? You have the advantage of knowing the same people who are buying & selling. You just have to be present, be in touch and be of value. That’s what an organized database feeding a powerful real estate CRM can do for you.

Go forth friends, talk, email, call, text or use smoke signals if you must! Don’t be the agent that sees a listing pop up on MLS that should have been yours. You can’t be mad at the Seller, in your heart you know why you didn’t get the call. Just never let that happen again!

Be a real estate rockstar. Go get that 3 bedroom ranch with 2 car attached on the golf course unicorn.

There are new listings in your database. Go find them and let me know how you did...

Angelia Levesque

As the Regional Vice President for Maine, Angelia is responsible for office growth in our 13 offices north of York County. Angelia led strong growth in the Bangor region including breaking through the 1,000 unit sales mark in Bangor, closing over $211,000,000 in sales and over $6,000,000 of GCI in the region last year.

Licensed since 2008, Angelia has been active in the Maine Association of REALTORs as a Director of the Board, a memeber of the MAR legislative committee, the 2018 RPAC Major Investment Committee and was the 2014 MAR President.

Angelia can be reached at



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