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Ugh another thing went wrong!

How flexible are you? Me = not so bendy, but I can adapt and learn to embrace change.

When the appraisal comes in low or the inspection comes back with issues that might seem insurmountable what do you do? Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to help keep me sane.

Be Curious

That little monkey George sure did get himself in some pickles but with some help from the “Man in the Yellow Hat” it always came out fine in the end.


Who do you have that can support you when you need advice? Is there someone to help go over multiple offers or guide you through tough negotiations?

I find having a team to back me up has been helpful. A manager I can run things by, a marketing department to help me look like the well put together professional I am. An attorney for when things get extra tough. Support to me means more than the tools to make my job easier it’s the people behind them that makes all the difference.


What did you learn? It’s easy to take a hit and curl up in a ball and complain. You learn when you look objectively at an issue and question yourself. Would you handle the situation differently next time? What could you do to be better prepared so you don’t even have an issue to deal with? What skill could you learn, could you have reacted differently?

Go forth friends, be curious, have a great support team and keep learning…

​​Angelia Levesque

As the Regional Vice President for Maine, Angelia is responsible for office growth in our 13 offices north of York County. Angelia led strong growth in the Bangor region including breaking through the 1,000 unit sales mark in Bangor, closing over $211,000,000 in sales and over $6,000,000 of GCI in the region last year.

Licensed since 2008, Angelia has been active in the Maine Association of REALTOR®s as a Director of the Board, a memeber of the MAR legislative committee, the 2018 RPAC Major Investment Committee and was the 2014 MAR President.

Angelia can be reached at



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