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Thriving in Uncertain Times - Part 5

We all know the adage 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' - and that's never been more true than today. In this series, we showcase the Five Best Practices among Top Producers for staying motivated, helping clients navigate the marketplace, and thriving in these uncertain times."

PART 5 - Diversify your business with multiple business lines

Welcome to the final part for of our Thriving in Uncertain Times series. During this season, we have covered...

Part 1 - Have Confidence in Your Expertise

Part 2 - Communicate with Your Clients

Part 3 - Leverage your Company's agent benefits to create value for your clients

Part 4 - Diversify your business with multiple business lines

Today we will discover how to stay in plugged in!

Plug in! Attend virtual meetings, take classes, educate yourself, stay informed, reach out for help

The last best practice for agents who thrive in uncertain times is that they Plug In! In a world of independent contractors and free spirits, it may seem odd that today’s thriving agents are the ones who plug in to their company’s, offices, and peer networks for help.

Here’s why this is so important. Most of us are really, really good at doing or noticing a few things. None of us are good at everything. This is why successful people surround themselves with smart people who know how to complement each other. In any environment, 2 heads are often better than 1.

In uncertain times, the pace is accelerated. This makes it very difficult to understand and process all of the important things that are changing. Early in the pandemic, there were many changes in the rules around out-of-state visitors, face-to-face meetings, showings, open houses, and more. The agents that thrive in this changing environment are the ones who are able to get find education on new information and access new methods of doing business: Zoom meetings, virtual showings, etc.

In contrast, those who did not have access to education and new procedures were unable to keep their business relevant to the new times.

As we move through the end of 2020 and into 2021, look for good, valuable communicators who can support what you do. Watch what others are doing successfully and adapt those things to your personal style. This increases your value to your clients.

The new imperative for business leaders in 2020 has been communication. The new imperative for successful real estate agents has been Plug In!


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