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Thriving in Uncertain Times - Part 1

We all know the adage 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' - and that's never been more true than today. In this series, we showcase the Five Best Practices among Top Producers for staying motivated, helping clients navigate the marketplace, and thriving in these uncertain times."


To thrive in uncertain times you should remember these simple tips:

  • Be confident
  • Be the expert in your sphere
  • Be an agile learner

Be confident in what you know. You know the real estate business. You know people and you know how to solve problems. You can tap into years of your own expertise and decades of experience of your trusted mentors, colleagues, and managers. With all of the resources at your disposal, you can meet any challenge, confident that:

  • If you don’t have the answer, you know where to get it
  • You care about doing the right thing, the right way
  • You are committed to your clients

Whenever I hear or see a ‘real estate expert’ quoted in the news, I smile because the real experts are the agents in the field: you! PhD analysts and data miners spend so much time trying to figure out what is happening in a real estate market and then, after doing polls and interviews, they present themselves to the media as experts.

You, however, speak with clients daily. Your relationships with actual buyers and sellers yield insights that no national economist can derive from polls. You feel your client’s moods. You understand their motivations. You know what is working and what isn’t. You understand how the market dynamics impact real families in your town.

You are the expert that your clients need in uncertain times. Your clients value this. One of my best agents ever, Jefferson Davis from Haverhill MA used to call his clients and greet them with “Hi, its Jeff your family’s REALTOR”. He knew who he was and he made sure that his sphere knew that they had an expert in their corner.

From a solid foundation of confidence, you can pivot as needed when conditions change. Agents who are thriving in this very dynamic, anxiety-ridden environment are ones who believe in themselves and their ability to recalibrate their practices to address the needs of today’s clients in today’s circumstances.

Just consider these terms and practices: Zoom, remote showings, sight-unseen purchases, e-notarization, CDC guidelines, COVID-19 disclosures, health screening forms and wipe-in/wipe-out procedures for closing tables. Most of those things did not exist prior to March and none of them were a significant part of the way we did business last year. Today, they are normal operating procedures.

In late spring this year, many buyers & sellers wanted to transact business but had little idea how to do it. Confident real estate professionals learned new ways to help their clients achieve their goals. Then, they showed their clients how to transact remotely.

In summary, to thrive in uncertain times you should:

  • Know your craft & yourself
  • Be confident in your knowledge and abilities
  • Be ready to pivot quickly,
  • Discard old things that no longer serve and learn new things to adapt
  • Be the expert that your clients need

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A word from our ME Director of Career Advancement, Sarah Kelley Ford on Part 1 of this series.


A word from our NH Director of Career Advancement, Karen Kulberg on Part 1 of this series.


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