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This week's lesson: Agent Support.

I had an exciting week with a few meetings with agents from a few different firms.

Two meetings stood out from the rest.

One agent asked me how Better Homes and Gardens The Masiello Group, was different from her current firm. Besides brand recognition, I couldn’t speak about specific differences never having worked for her firm, but I did highlight our agent support platform. She was astounded by the amount of support our agents are given, the tools they have at their disposal, and the training we give. What most surprised her was that we offer all this with no cost to the agent. At her current firm, her broker offers training limited to compliance and keeping out of legal trouble. They offer nothing on how to acquire new business, except for pay per performance sessions. She also pays when she uses the printer and copier, for technology, and for desk space. When I asked how she chose her firm, she explained that it was just a natural transition because that is where she took her real estate classes. She assumed all real estate companies were the same. (More on this later!)

Another meeting was with an agent from a different firm than the first. He is a young, upcoming newly licensed agent in the business for less than a year. After a fascinating hour with him, I learned that he spends about $250 a month for desk fees, and then approximately another $100 on a CRM program and lead generation services.

I give kudos to those agents and all the others that have agreed to meet with me. Not because they are interested in moving, but because they are interested in other models and value propositions. It is all too common that agents end up working in a firm that provided an easy entry point to the business without much due diligence. This is normal since, without any experience, how would anyone even know what to ask or to want?

It is only through a combination of experience and research that dedicated agents find the right mix of culture and support to fit their business plan.

I will continue to encourage people to evaluate where they are and where they are headed verses where they want to be. Sometimes all the stars will align, and one will come to determine they are indeed on the right track and in the right place. Others, well they may find that a change is required in order for them to get to where they want to be. A small turn is sometimes all that is needed and it all begins with a meeting.

Make it a Great Week!

Sarah is the Director of Career Advancement for the New Hampshire Seacoast & Lakes Region for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group.

Sarah strives to make a difference for professional REALTORS® who are committed to providing a Quality Experience for their clients, who want to elevate their own progression in the business and have the confidence to evaluate and make adjustments to their career paths along the way.

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