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That’s so basic…

There is a reason for basic. It’s routine, it’s your go to and if it’s a little black dress its effort less and a confidence booster.

So what is your basic? Do you ride the REALTOR roller coaster? Or do you glide through your business like an elegant swan.

Me? I had a front row seat on that coaster. I was 5 years in the business before I felt I could handle a monthly car payment. Here are a few of things I did and one money saver I learned not to do to help even out my business. I may not have turned into a swan but here is hoping you can at least look like a duck. Cool and confident above the water with your feet going for all they have below.

  1. I have said this before and will say it many more times. BUILD YOUR DATA BASE. If you need me to say it another way, “There’s always money in the Banana Stand’. Don’t let the Banana Stand burn down before you embrace the obvious.
  2. Analyze your business. There are so many agents that do not understand where their business comes from. Print out a list of closed transactions. Beside each transaction write the source of that business. This my friends is where you should spend your time, energy and money. When I found out that 98% of my business was referred by friends or family the money spent advertising for new clients didn’t make sense. Take that money and have a coffee/lunch/beer/walk with a friend. I got to spend time with people I already knew and liked. This is the most fun and cost effective way to do business. Yes, these people are all in my data base.
  3. Write a note. Here is where it is good to have a few phrases you have carefully curated from Google.
  4. Thank You
  5. Glad we could catch up
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Happy Anniversary
  8. Congratulations
  9. Just because you can put your name and picture on it doesn’t mean you should. Yes I had a nail file with my likeness and contact information on it. No looking back this was not a “good idea”. I just found some the other day when moving my office I have been in the business 16 years. Unless you are also a nail tech maybe take a pass on the nail files. There are a lot of people looking to sell you something that you NEED to stay top of mind. Think hard about this; just because you can put your picture and a catchy slogan on anything doesn’t mean you should. Go forth and be basic my friends. You will be the one doing business not looking like you just came off of the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Angelia Levesque

As the Regional Vice President for Maine, Angelia is responsible for office growth in our 13 offices north of York County. Angelia led strong growth in the Bangor region including breaking through the 1,000 unit sales mark in Bangor, closing over $211,000,000 in sales and over $6,000,000 of GCI in the region last year.

Licensed since 2008, Angelia has been active in the Maine Association of REALTORs as a Director of the Board, a memeber of the MAR legislative committee, the 2018 RPAC Major Investment Committee and was the 2014 MAR President.

Angelia can be reached at



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