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September 23, 2020

Recording from TMG Headliner Event

"Industry Updates for the Fall" with Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate


Mindful Monday - Making Contact With The Future


Chris Masiello's blog post

Mindful Monday is now a Podcast!

Now you can take Chris Masiello and his life-tips on the road with you! Be sure to subscribe to the feed to receive new episodes weekly. Here are just a few of the apps you can listen with:



Apple Podcasts


Google Podcasts


Pocket Casts

Radio Public

RSS Feed

You can also search for Mindful Monday from within your podcast apps.

New Agent Training starts next week

Click here to register: www.team-masiello.com/new-agent-training

I've Got Buyers! Social Media Graphics

Did you see our feature story last week about hand-crafting listing solutions? Click here in case you missed it.

We created some social media graphics for you to use when marketing to potential sellers.

These and many more are available for download and sharing here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iFN0bMobUae_KJqeq_30YEqiBw4maEzV?usp=sharing

Autumn Distinctive Collection magazine now available to share!

Click To View

**NEW!** Text Alerts for Boost by Homespotter Campaigns

Did you know the BHGRE brand provides a free 3-day social advertising campaign for all qualified new listings? The automated Facebook/display advertising program, Boost by Homespotter, will be testing a brand-new feature. Now you will be able to easily deploy Facebook Ads for each eligible listing with a simple text response. That means it will be easier than ever to take advantage of this program and drive qualified users and leads to Zap websites.

This new feature gives you three ways to opt-in to the program including:

  • Click on an email from Homespotter
  • Login to their Boost Dashboard and click “start free ad” on a listing
  • Reply “Yes” to the appropriate text message

How does it work?

  • On Thursday, September 10th, you will receive a text message from Homespotter explaining that BHGRE will be providing free digital listing ads for eligible properties via text alerts. That means if you opt-in to receive the texts, you will have the option to approve a property ad to go live within an hour right from your mobile device!
  • This feature will be available at no extra cost and will start with eligible listings beginning September 10th.
  • After opting in, you can freely choose to reply ‘Stop’ at any time which will permanently end text message notifications from Homespotter.

Please note, if you have manually opted out from receiving communications in your Boost Dashboard, you will not receive this text message.

For more information about Boost from Homespotter, click CLICK HERE.

September is National Realtor Safety Month

Check out these resources from NAR...

NAR has a wealth of resources to help agents, brokers, and associations better understand and educate each other about the safety risks they face.

For webinars and more information, visit https://www.nar.realtor/safety

Upcoming Courses at BHGRE

(click for more info - you will need to be logged into the Greenhouse)

Lots of upcoming courses available through the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate

Home Study CE courses available

Credits available for both ME and NH. Click here for more info.

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