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Meet the Ninjas!

85 Masiello agents were installed today as Ninjas! Today marks the last day of a four-day Ninja real estate training conference. Congratulations to all of our new Ninjas!

The Ninja program focuses on how the agents’ thoughts and actions guide them toward problem-solving and higher levels of service for their clients. By learning ways to get to the heart of what matters to each individual customer, the newly installed ‘ninjas’ demonstrate higher value by providing relevant direction and offering on-point solutions.

President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Masiello points out that the Ninja program aligns perfectly with the firm’s philosophy of Experience Quality. “Everything our agents do is designed so that our clients experience quality throughout our entire real estate relationship,” he states. “Through the Ninja program, our agents have learned to further hone their already exceptional customer service skills, and have discovered new ways to be of value to their clients.”

The Masiello Group is planning a second installation for early 2018 as the firm adopts the Ninja methodology company-wide. The Masiello business model differs from many other brokerages, as the firm focuses on providing exceptional leadership and support which allows the agent the freedom to focus on their clients rather than administrative and marketing tasks. “We ensure that our agents have the time and ability to do what they’re good at,” says Masiello, “which is helping clients with the buying and selling of real estate.” This streamlined and hyper-focused approach helps their agents find the valuable work-life balance that often eludes dedicated real estate agents.

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