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June 9, 2020

Join us Thursday at 1pm for Mastering the Distinctive Collection to Elevate Your Business

Get Ready for the next events in our Headliner Series!

NEW BHGRE Marketing Center goes live tonight!

The NEW BHGRE Marketing Center is scheduled to go live at 8pm ET. Here's a sneak peek:

This very robust program is an extension of the PinPoint platform, and features automated listing & agent designs, build-your-own print/digital/social templates, a rich image editor, and much more!

Starting tomorrow, you can access the Marketing Center at marketingcenter.bhgre.com or through the Greenhouse.

Please note - if you utilize the Market Leader program through the Greenhouse, that platform is being sunsetted as of the end of August. You will want to speak with your Business Support Specialist about exporting your contacts prior to that date.


BHGRE Moves℠ is here to help by reducing the stress, time and money that comes with moving, all while keeping you at the forefront.  This program is an automated, moving program that supports your clients through their moving journey providing that extra level of service.  BHGRE Moves℠ is comprised of three components – hyper-local moving related offers, a concierge service that connects their utilities and an email campaign which keeps you top of mind years after the transaction.

Make your clients moves EASY!

This fully automated program offers your clients:

  • 10-15 strategically timed, hyper-local offers revolving around the moving process (all sent as if from you, with your name/photo/contact info
  • Live concierge helping your clients connect their utilities
  • Exclusive deals and comparisons allowing your clients to make informed choices

FREE to you!

FREE to your clients!

Join us during our 1pm call on June 22 to learn more.

Upcoming Learning Sessions

Home Study CE courses available through the Arthur Gary School of Real Estate

Credits available for both ME and NH. Click here for more info.

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