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I Am Happy Where I Am

If you are happy and fully actuated in your job, congratulations AND be extra careful. Prudently and logically evaluate your career while peeking through the curtain of your happiness. (Think airplane pilot. Even on the easiest flight, a good pilot is frequently checking his position, where he is headed, upcoming weather, condition of the aircraft, etc.)


For most career real estate sales professionals, happiness can be a trap. Of course you want to be happy. But just like the pilot who is always verifying that all’s well, you should always evaluate where you are in terms of what the other options are in the market. Sometimes you find that you are still in the best place possible for your career and can carry on with confidence. At the very least, you know what your options are. This is insurance against having to make a fast move due to some change in your office or company or some inability of your company to adapt to a change..

Comfort is not a reason to waive off career evaluation meetings. Be honest. How comfortable should you be in sales anyway?!


Talk with everyone who calls. Only meet with those who can handle the tough questions.

  1. Based on my credentials, what is my growth potential in your company?
  2. Who has left your company in the last 3 months & why?
  3. Who has joined your company in the last 3 months & why?
  4. What is your company’s support, coaching & development philosophy?
  5. How is moving to your company a career upgrade?
  6. What is your company’s plan for the future?

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We believe that through thoughtful local leadership and a stable environment you will be better positioned to make the most of the current market conditions.

We do this in a transparent, non-corporate environment filled with dedicated people, delivering comprehensive support systems -- all resulting in the best outcomes for you and your clients.​

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