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I Am Happy Where I Am, But Curious

You are content. However, you realize that you may not be in the same company 5 years from now. You have the time to investigate your career options. You are content because you have figured out how to run your business and provide for your clients in your current environment. Because of this competence, your needs and questions will be different.

You have high confidence that you will be able to sustain your income in 2019 without changing too much in your business or requiring too much from your company. You are, however, willing to consider that there are other configurations and other paths. You probably meet with interesting companies from time to time.


Too often people are quick to stereotype their opportunities by making snap decisions on too little information. All salespeople deal with prospects who make fast decisions based on preconceived biases. That is why it takes a minimum of 8 contacts to get a yes. Critical thinkers do not make career decisions that way.


Meet with any company that interests you. Prepare important questions and test your evaluation of where you are and what is being offered. Craft questions to discover if this is an upgrade to your career or a way to enhance your competencies. At this point, compensation and support are on the back burner. Just decide if this is an opportunity to do more with your talents.


  1. What would you change about my business?
  2. What does your company specialize in terms of career development?
  3. What career paths are available in your company?
  4. Tell me about some agents like me who have joined your company. Can I speak with them about their decision and how it’s working for them?
  5. How is your company different now than they were 2 years ago?

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