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I Am Concerned

If you are concerned or uncomfortable, you probably have an near-term need to find a new home for your real estate business. You may not be sure why but maybe your office just isn’t growing. Maybe you are not comfortable with the direction of the company as the market continues to evolve or maybe you just plain need a change to get jump started.

These are all valid reasons to be ‘on the market’.


Be careful. You’re need has to be tempered by a reasoned approach to finding a new home! You need to take an appropriate amount of time to evaluate your options. This is where you need to be unemotional about your situation (easier said than done!).

Another danger is waiting too long. The dangers here are obvious:

  • bad situations often get worse
  • while you are worried, you are also not working your business with the same energy; this costs money


Decide what you need from a brokerage. Everyone is different but typical needs are around: in-office support, IT support, individualized marketing, social media development, team building, coaching to the next level, relocation & company generated business, etc.

Meet with brokerages who are present in these areas. Check with agents you trust for their experiences.

Decide as soon as you know. Taking too long to move can cost you real money.


Interview the companies carefully for compatibility. Remember: to avoid troubles later, you must match yourself to an appropriate cultural fit. Be clear about your needs and your personal culture.

  1. How does your company handle (enter specific items that are important to you such as):
  • Personalized marketing
  • Team development
  • Bonuses for helping to attract other agents
  • Individual coaching & development
  1. How often does the broker/owner interact with the sales people?
  2. Do you require floor time? Office meetings?
  3. What are ALL of the fees associated with your company?
  4. What do I have to pay for in terms of:
  • Marketing?
  • IT support?
  • In-office support?

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