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How can multiple offices, have the best manager in the company

This week I interviewed agents from several of my offices. Everyone had great admiration for their managers and explained that people join their office because of their manager. How is it possible that across all our offices, I hear the same story? How can multiple offices, have the best manager in the company? Not everyone can be the best.

This week I attended my first company-wide shared leadership meeting (8 times a year the entire office leadership team meets in Portsmouth to share ideas & observations to improve on the Quality Experience). After meeting the entire 3-state management team and watching them in action, I was convinced that those agents were correct. Spending the day with all the managers across New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont I had realized that they are among the best.

Each manager cares deeply for their agents and their success. It was exciting to watch as they all collaborated on different ideas on coaching practices, what tools are being used within their offices, and what tools would they want for their agents, etc. No one held back and the environment that was provided to them made it easy to share their opinions with Chris Masiello and senior leadership.

One of my meetings with an outside agent this week included a woman who has been in the business for over 30 years, both with nationally recognized brands as well as her own brokerage. Although she sees the value in being with a bigger brand, she believes that success comes from within; that if you want success then you will obtain it no matter who you choose to align yourself with. However, depending on who you align yourself with, that uphill climb can be made easier.

Listening to her story I also learned how involved with yoga she was. Now, I have never been interested in yoga (I am more of a spinning, kickboxing, girl), but she recruited me to try it. Not because she said it is a better form of exercise, or what I had been doing is hard on my joints, but because she shared with me the benefits of yoga, opening my mind to try it. I am excited to be taking my 1st yoga class in a few weeks and cultivating my new friendship!

In all the "changing of minds" that happened this week, I know that we are not here to change people, but to serve an awareness. Through the process of simple idea sharing, of expressing thoughts and experiences, we all become more aware of where we are. Through that awareness, we can determine if a change is needed or not.

It happened to me this week! And I am adding yoga to my life because of what was shared with me.

Keep an open mind!

Sarah is the Director of Career Advancement for the New Hampshire Seacoast & Lakes Region for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group.

Sarah strives to make a difference for professional REALTORS® who are committed to providing a Quality Experience for their clients, who want to elevate their own progression in the business and have the confidence to evaluate and make adjustments to their career paths along the way.

Contact Sarah today! 781.724.8583 SarahKelleyFord@masiello.com

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