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Don't you wish there was an easy way to capture Open House leads?

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group has streamlined the conversion process from open house attendees to prospective buyers using our Open House Connector app.

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Our agents impress buyers (and sellers) with a customizable open house registration to ask spot-on questions needed to close the sale. Our technology gives agents the ability to instantly send buyer information to our CRM Platform registering open house visitors for our automated marketing campaigns.

Open House Connector Benefits Our Agents with…

  • A customizable registration form to suit your needs
  • An easy way to collect open house registration information
  • The ability to generate reports from open houses
  • A CRM platform to easily log prospect information
  • An automated follow up to potential clients

The Survey Auto Responder to Guest section allows you to customize the email that is sent to guests after signing in.

OH Connector questions

Not comfortable with asking sellers for their wifi password? No problem!

The Open House Connector™ app has been designed to function without an internet connection. This allows you to store all of your contact information and push it to the CRM as soon as your device reconnects.

Looking for more information about The Masiello Group and our Cool Tools?

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