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Company-Driven Business at Your Split

  • Masiello Group agents are paid at their actual split levels. Every time. Always.
  • Referral fees are not marked up.
  • There is a $100 transaction fee. NO other fees are charged.
  • Our REALTOR.COM enhancement package is an investment in our agents so that leads on your listings go directly to you without any fees or interference.
  • Every one of your listing leads also go directly to you without additional fees or interference.
  • We split internally (and externally in many markets) 60/40. That means that as the listing agent you retain more on your relocation listing sales.
  • For example, on a 5% transaction the listing agent retains 3% and pays the buyer agent 2%.
  • Most of your current relocation certifications are transferable to us.

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Reach out in confidence to:

Ed Ridolfi, Vice President of Sales & Strategic Growth 978.771.6537 edridolfi@masiello.com

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