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Breathe New Life into Old Leads

How to Activate this Untapped Resource

This episode will demonstrate a very simple technique that you can use to breathe new life into those old dead leads that you have from years and years ago that didn’t go anywhere. This is not my original idea. I first heard about it from Josh Schoenly of Client Alchemist and I also saw that Chris Smith teaches it in his book, The Conversion Code. I have personally used it with success and watched as the agents I taught it to got incredible results. I'd love to hear about your results.

Click here to access the recording (Time: 11:01) https://anchor.fm/productivitygarden/episodes/Breathe-New-Life-into-Old-Leads---How-to-Activate-this-Untapped-Resource-e1pp8g

Please reach out to me at kristenwheatley@masiello.com. You can also send me a quick email request if you would like the supporting documentation that can help you implement this strategy.

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