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Beware of career contentment

Don't let fear of the unknown hold back your career.

You are content and hesitant to disrupt your business. However, you realize that you are reaching the end of your time in your current company. Like pebbles in a shoe, some minor annoyances keep cropping up and adding up causing you to get distracted from your primary function of caring for your client or derailed from spending you time in high dollar-per-hour space. Because you do not have to move, you have the time to investigate your career options.

You are content because you have figured out how to make money and care for your clients in your current environment; it’s the devil you know. Because of this comfort level, your needs and questions will be different.

You have high confidence that you will be able to sustain your income in 2017 without changing too much or requiring much change from your company. You are, however, willing to consider that there are other possibilities; other paths. You probably meet with interesting companies from time to time.

DANGER: Too often candidates quickly stereotype their opportunities, often making snap decisions on too little information. As a salesperson, you know what it's like to deal with prospects who make fast decisions based on preconceived biases. That is why it takes a minimum of 8 contacts to pierce through those biases to get a yes .

Critical thinkers like you do not make career decisions that way. You meet, evaluate and decide on the facts.

ADVICE: Meet with any company that interests you. Ask a lot of questions. Test your evaluations.

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Craft questions to discover if this is a true upgrade to your career path. Put the compensation and support questions on the back burner for now. Just decide if this is an opportunity to do more with your career. Will it take you somewhere you are unlikely to go in your current career path?


  • If you were in charge of my professional development, how would you coach me in 2017?
  • Based on what you know about me, what is my growth potential in your company?
  • How many agents with my sales production do you currently have in your office, region, company? What are their stories? Can I speak with them?
  • Tell me something unique about you, your style and your company.

AT THE MASIELLO GROUP, we are committed to the kind of quality career experience that can only come from intelligent, high level engagement at every level in a company. From the President to each office's Transaction Marketing Assistant, we are pledged to give you the kinds of support, tools and environments you need to do the job for your client with pride.

The following video depicts some of our agents explaining in their own words what they love about working for The Masiello Group.

To learn more about The Masiello Group's Quality Career Experience, in complete confidence with absolutely no commitment or expectations, please contact me today.

Ed Ridolfi

Vice President of Career Development

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group

Cell: 978-771-6537


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