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A career happiness checkup

If you feel happy and fully actuated in your job, be extra careful.

Prudently and logically evaluate your career while peeking through the curtain of your happiness. (Think airplane pilot. Even on the easiest flight, a good pilot will check his position, upcoming weather, condition of the aircraft, etc.)

DANGER: For most career sales professionals, happiness may be the only thing more detrimental to career growth than having to make a fast move due to some crisis at the office. Contentment is not a reason to stay in a job or a company. Be honest with yourself. How comfortable should you be in sales anyway?!

ADVICE: Talk with everyone who calls. Only meet with those who can handle tough questions like these:

  1. Based on what you know about me, what is my growth potential in your company?
  2. How will you and your company allow me to focus on high-dollar-per-hour activities?
  3. How would moving to your company be a career upgrade for me?
  4. What is your company’s plan for the future?
  5. How often is your broker/owner in your office? What does she/he do?

AT THE MASIELLO GROUP: We focus on the people & systems needed to ensure that all parties to the real estate transaction (the clients, our agents and the cooperating brokers) all enjoy a quality real estate experience.

That means providing excellent support at the Home Office and individual office levels -- including handling the fundamental tasks that you & your clients rely on -- freeing you to focus on the high quality, high-dollar-per-hour activities that you are so good at.

The next 10 years will come and go whether you invest in yourself during this time…or not. Consider how and where you will spend your most precious commodity: time.

To learn more about how our Team Marketing Assistants provide valuable support to our agents, watch this brief video:

To learn more about The Masiello Group's Quality Career Experience, in complete confidence with absolutely no commitment or expectations, please contact me today.

Ed Ridolfi

Vice President of Career Development

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Masiello Group

Cell: 978-771-6537


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