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Business Drivers and Diversification

Diversification is the key to long-term success in your real estate career no matter what is going on in the larger market.

The real estate business can be streaky and uneven. While your friends and family can refer some business to you, there will be months when they do not. A broker-to-broker referral network may fill the gap until your sphere sends new leads your way. When the economic conditions put the brakes on luxury or second home sales, a robust presence in a condo or mid-level market can pick up the slack.

Business Diversification insulates professional real estate agents from cyclical downturns in their business through a variation of business lines.

Relocation & Referral Business

Powerful relationships with referral partners
Our Principal Broker relationship and partnerships with other leading relocation management and referral companies allow us to deliver significant listing opportunities and qualified buyers to our team of agents.

Our Client Services and Relocation Department develops and maintains these relationships, and provides agents with specialized training and support.
In 2021, relocation and referrals generated more than $3.1 Million in Direct Agent Earnings

Marketing Luxury Properties

BHGRE's Distinctive Collection​

Marketing luxury real estate is both an art and a science. The Distinctive Collection by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® carefully blends the two, attracting high-end sellers and marketing to high-end buyers.

Sellers of distinctive homes expect your marketing program to be exclusive and to promote the uniqueness of their property by using distinctive branding and marketing tools.

We've designed a comprehensive guide for listing appointments describing our marketing strategies for Distribution, Response and Measurement.

This guide is written in the agent's voice, which presents the agent as the luxury marketing expert.

Business Drivers

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